Dollhouse Miniature Melting Mille Feuille

Monday, April 15, 2013

A few New Goodies

I see that after I made the decision to post in my blog more often that its been over a month already so, so much for that resolve!!  I've been quite busy though making lots of new food and thought I'd post a  few photos! You can purchase these on my website at    Have fun browsing! Glynnis


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Food on my Website

I promised myself that I was going to update the Blog every week and so the first week I've failed!!!  Hmmm.....its been unbearably hot here--10 days over 30'C so that's my excuse!!
I have been busy making food though! Well polymer clay food that is!  My poor DH said to me the other day, 'are you ever going to cook a cake again?'  So I did!!  A very easy banana cake that was delicious! He and I were both pleased as I looove cake!!
One of the things I've been making has been these lunch time snacks so I thought you might like to have a look!

I've also been making roast chicken and veggies!
These are all in 1/12 scale so suitable for 1/12 scale dollhouse food but also for the miniature enthusiast collector!

You can see more on my website
Talk again soon!   Glynnis

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Thought you might like to see the eggs and bacon I've been making today ready to be plated later this week. It will then be available on my website at

New Food and More Coming!

What a week!  I've been busy making miniature dollhouse spaghetti bolognaise, miniature cellophane bags for mini foods to be presented in and brown paper bread wrappings for the bakery! It's such fun!  Hope your week has had as much fun in it!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Food For Sale on my Website and Etsy

Morning everyone!  I thought you might like to see my newest foods that are for sale on my Etsy store and my website.  What a week!  I've been so busy trying to set up a website and its up and going but now finished off yet so go have a look!   hugs from me!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Sneak Peak

Just a little sneak peak of another of a couple of more pieces of my miniature food!  Imagine a picnic!!!  A wine?? Maybe coffee with a dear friend??  What a better way to finish off than with this Decadent Blackberry & Chocolate Sauce Layer'! 


Welcome to my new blog, 'Wildsage Doll House Miniature Food'. I'm so excited about finally setting this up and hopefully having a Facebook link and website soon! I'm hoping you will find lots of food goodies that will tempt your dolls palate!!

Along the way we will be having quiz's, prizes and surprises as well as interesting miniature information and links.

Primarily though 'Wildsage' will be showcasing my miniature food and sharing with you my adventure in Mini Foodland!

Well *****Welcome***** and you are now an official member of an exclusive group of food lovers who crave the very best of miniature food!!  Now that delicious food is on your mind why not invite others to come on over, put their feet up and share the journey over a glass of wine or coffee!

Wild Mini Hugs